Doubledown Casino

All you need to know about Doubledown Casino. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Doubledown Casino - All you need to know about Doubledown Casino. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Doubledown Casino

Doubledown Casino on Facebook – What’s going down?

What is Doubledown Casino on Facebook all about? Doubledown Casino is not one game, but several – all of which you might find in a Vegas casino (or any good casino, actually). Double Down Casino is free to play, and has no cash payouts.

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The main two gaming areas of a casino – card games and slot machines, are both featured in Doubledown Casino. It’s an electronic recreation of casino games of chance. Even the visual graphics, rather than just being a reconstruction of the games, are designed to look like a casino – complete with hazy high-stakes fun going on in the background, and even an authentic carpet design! Enticing and classic games combined with a fun atmosphere make Doubledown Casino an attractive app to add to any list of online games.

It is therefore, not surprisingly, very popular. Currently it has a staggering five and a half million plus likes on its Facebook page. Even by the measure of other incredibly popular online games, that is a lot of people who love Doubledown Casino.

There are a lot of games – Blackjack, Bingo, Video Poker, Roulette, Poker and Slots to name a few (Kitty Glitter is a particularly popular version of a slot game at the moment), and a lot of different playing options within the games themselves.

Roulette and Blackjack offer multiplayer options that give the opportunity to socialize, as you would in a real casino (if you were in the mood). Doubledown Casino players can play against the house, or they can play against other real online players. They can also text chat in real time, and notify each other of achievements and share gifts.

Players can see how they are doing compared to their friends as performance tables and figures are published. So you might not lose the mortgage on Doubledown Casino, but you might lose (or win) a bit of cred among your friends and fellow gamers.

For less experienced players, or those who can’t stand to lose big today, there are different levels of tables – another realistic take on actual casinos. Blackjack has four tables ranging from $250 buy-ins to $1,000,000 buy-ins, and roulette equally has four levels of tables with $250-$5,000 dollar buy-ins.

Games are played using points as money, where the figure in dollars on the screen represents how many ‘chips’ a player has – which represent game credits. Game credits are won and lost based on performance, can be gained for introducing friends, or can be purchased using facebook credits.

For example – 30 Facebook credits are $150,000 in chips. The app itself will regularly advertise special offers for players to earn chips – for example by achieving a certain number of likes.

In addition to gaining high numbers of chips and a good ranking, Doubledown Casino players can keep track of their progress by earning badges – which are awarded for winning big in a single hand, for example.

Doubledown Casino is a friendly community where gamers can enjoy a realistic casino experience from their own home, or probably, seeing as it’s so addictive, from their office, the train, the bus, or the stands at the Super Bowl.

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